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Rose Champagne Press-on Toe Nails

Rose Champagne Press-on Toe Nails

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- Authentic hand-painted press-on, made with heart by real nail techs
- Best quality gel and gems, ultra shiny, solid and long-lasting
- 7 steps full salon procedure, bringing the real gel manicure set to you

The package contains:
-10 nails the same size as your nails
-24 glue tabs
-Mini nail file
- Extra gifts included!

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy Li
Really Cute

Hanakoko Nails are IT! I've always struggled with not-so-pretty toenails, so I was trying to look for press-ons that will stay.

LOVE. THESE. PRESS-ONS! They stay pretty rigidly (even though my toe nails are uneven) AND they look really cute!

Definitely worth it for the quality and color of the nails!