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The Oriental Garden

Traditional Wagara Pattern

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artistic press-on collections


Real oil painting touches

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Customize Your Own

Everything you want, done in your way

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Artistic press-on collections

Renaissance Revival

The never-fading glory of arts

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artistic press-on collections

Dark Gothic

All the little secrets

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Artistic Press-on collections

Cute Cartoons

The cutie pie paradise.

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Hanakoko: Flower in your heart

The name is from Japanese: はな meaning "flowers", and こころ meaning "heart".

Best quality gel nail art for everyone in an innovative and ethical way.

  • "Super quick, super easy, and I love it!"


  • "I love how cute they look and they really last!"

    -- Princess Praise@Instagram

  • "They're made of real gel so they have the really salon look."


  • "You apply and they stay for 2 weeks. Your kids can do it, your mom can do it!"


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