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Press-on Glue Tabs

Press-on Glue Tabs

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Yellow tabs: Default, most commonly used and last 7+ days

Blue tabs: Works best under heating, best for cold tone sheer or semi-sheer colors

Pink tabs: Works best under heating, best for warm tone sheer or semi-sheer colors

The stickiness of different colors vary from person to person as it can be affected by body temperature, climate and nail conditions. Try our test kit and find out the best for you.

- For all press-ons in our store, we offer free glue and tabs that come with the nail sets. These are for extra need if you run out of the original ones.

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  • Handcrafting takes around 3-5 days so orders will be shipped in 3-5 business days.
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Free shipping on orders > $50
  • If you choose complicated styles (>$34.99) or tailoring add-ons, they may take more time to make (around 2-5 days depending on styles)
  • If you have urgent needs for occasions or events, please email us the date to, we can prioritize orders for you
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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use and amazing they offer 3 different colours!


needed more glue strips for my nails. im a big fan of hanakoko's products the best nails i have ever bought they last so long and the designs are always so stylish and cute. thank you will definitely be shopping again!