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Amethyst Luster

Amethyst Luster

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- Authentic hand-painted press-on, made with heart by real nail techs
- Best quality gel and gems, ultra shiny, solid and long-lasting
- 7 steps full salon procedure, bringing the real gel manicure set to you

The package contains:
-10 nails the same size as your nails
-24 glue tabs
-Mini nail file
- Extra gifts included!

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  • Handcrafting takes around 3-5 days so orders will be shipped in 3-5 business days.
  • Worldwide shipping available
  • Free shipping on orders > $50
  • If you choose complicated styles (>$34.99) or tailoring add-ons, they may take more time to make (around 2-5 days depending on styles)
  • If you have urgent needs for occasions or events, please email us the date to, we can prioritize orders for you
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Customer Reviews

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Natural gorgeous look

These are the most natural looking outside whispering willow. They are a nice french manicure look with LONGER nails than you expect from this picture. There is no amethyst luster or anything purple about them. Just basic french manicured nails in a medium length. I took better pics on the card to see that they are not as short as the pic makes them look. Longer than whispering willow. About the same length and shape as Una.