How To Apply Press-on Nails Perfectly

Follow the instructions below:

1. Prep, buff and clean.

2. Choose glue tabs that fits your nails.

3. Stick the glue tabs around 1mm from the cuticles.

4. Press the edge to squeeze out bubbles.

5. Peel off the layer.

6. Tilt the press-on 45° to push down, so the adhesive can fill out the gaps fully.

7. Push hard on all angles to get fully attached. Do not get in water in a few hours after first application.

How To Remove

It's easy!

1.Soak in hot water for 5 minutes

2. Use the stick to gently lift up two sides and push inside

3. Gently pull the nail tip away

4. Clean the glue residue on nail surface and wip clean

5. Roll the stick to lift up remaining glue inside the nail tips. Clean and dry for next use.

Try Them On!