How To Apply Gel Stickers Perfectly

Follow the instructions below

1. Prep , buff and clean.

2. Choose a size for each nail and press on, make sure there's no bubbles or chips.

3. Cut excessive gels to fit your own nail shape.

4. Press the edge around your cuticles.

5. Cure under the lamp until all nails are solidified (60-90s).

6.Trim and file the edges for a perfect shape.

7. Place a top coat for better qualify (optional)

8.Enjoy! They will last 14+ days if applied correctly.

How To Remove

It's easy!

To remove the gel stickers, use the wooden stick to lift up sides of nails.

To better protect the nails, using water, cuticle oil or lotion to rinse in the process is recommended.

The stickers will peel off easily and cause no damage to the natural nails.

Try Them On!